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Metal and Composite Finishing Equipment

Your BEST Source for Metal and Composite Mechanical Finishing Equipment and Supplies.

M.C. Finishing are distributors and Sales representatives of the leading American manufacturers of Metal and Composite finishing and cleaning systems.

Our experience in automated Abrasive, Blasting, Mass finishing, and Industrial Cleaning processes allow us to guarantee performance and production on any equipment or supplies we recommend. We can help determine what mechanical finishing system is best for your application.

Metal Finishing Processes Developed for:

Aero space, Automotive, Consumer Products, and Medical Manufacturing

Automated and Manual Abrasive, Blasting, Cleaning, and Mass Finishing Systems

Metal, Composites, Ceramics, Glass, and Plastic materials

Mechanical Surface Preparation and Conditioning For:
  • Burnishing -surface cleaning, brightening,reduced surface fatigue and porosity
  • Chemical Accelerated Finishing- super surface refinement and brightening
  • Cleaning- removal of corrosion, paint, rust, scale, and surface contaminants
  • Deburring - removal of internal and external burrs
  • Edge Radiusing- for product safety and functionality
  • Pre-Paint Finishing- cleaning and profiling for paint and coating adhesion
  • Pre-Plate Finishing- pre anodize, chrome, nickel, and zinc finishing
  • Shot Peening-improving metal strength and weld fatigue life to Mil specification
  • Surface Profiling,Cleaning- to ASTM, ISO, NACE, and SSPC specifications
  • Surface Roughness Refinement- reducing Ra, Rms, Rz, Rp, Rv, and Rpm
  • Surface Specifications- ASTM,AMS,ISO,NACE,MIL,SAE,SME requirements
Visual Surface Finishing For:
  • Bright-Luster, Reflective surfaces
  • Lined, Grained, Swirled, and Random Scratch Finishes
  • Matte Finishes
  • Satin Finishes

The Book is now available!

Mechanical and Composite Finishing

Introductory to Mechanical Finishing
Patrick F. Wenino

The first Edition of Mechanical and Composite Finishing is designed as a college mechanical finishing course for manufacturing engineers and manufacturing process personnel in the manufacturing industry.

There are many finishing challenges in manufacturing and the processing of materials. There are multitudes of combinations of processes, machinery and abrasives used in the finishing effort. However, as simple as it may seem, all mechanical processes can be accomplished within the following categories: Abrasive finishing, Blast finishing and Mass finishing. Click here to order your copy: $39.95.

Publication Date: August, 2012 | ISBN: 978-0-615-57024-2 | Edition: 1


For Product Finishing Magizine
by Pat Wenino, M.C. Finishing
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Representing Americas Leading Manufacturers of Finishing and Cleaning Systems